iris ceramica group arises a cyberpunk wall blending technology with art



The artistic Cyberwall installation by Iris Ceramica Group took center stage at the 2021 Italian Pavilion of the Venice Biennale with what could only be described as a symbol of sustainable and inclusive design. Curated by architect Alessandro Melis, the brand’s ceramic surfaces were used as a blank canvas for engaging graphic and drawing compositions, represented by the full potential of the Group’s groundbreaking technology. As art, nature and artifice merged, an unusual interpretation captivated the observer. 

Cyberwall by Iris Ceramica Group took center stage at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition at Venice Biennale

all images courtesy of Iris Ceramica Group



Serving as the Main Sponsor of the Italian Pavilion 2021 and curated by Alessandro Melis, Iris Ceramica Group created a curatorial installation for the renowned International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale. With a true ceramic work of art, Melis attempted to break down the interdisciplinary barriers representing the relationship between man and nature. Through Cyberwall, the cooperative vision of the company, which has been committed to architecture and design for over 60 years, supports an inclusive and sustainable future through surfaces with high technical and aesthetic performance for living spaces.

iris ceramica group arises a cyberpunk wall blending technology with art
Cyberwall was curated by architect Alessandro Melis



As the futuristic drawings filled the canvases, the visitor was invited to think about how architecture is all about finding increasingly sophisticated and interconnected solutions to the social and environmental issues. Cyberwall therefore, was the result of high-end integrative research conducted by the architect and the team of co-curators, showcased in a cyberpunk-inspired laboratory exhibition. 

iris ceramica group arises a cyberpunk wall blending technology with art
the visitor was invited to consider how architecture is about finding sophisticated solutions to the social and environmental issues



curator alessandro melis blends technology with creativity


In artistic and creative terms, Cyberwall represented the use of technology Design Your Slabs (DYS) by Iris Ceramica Group. This technology allows any kind of graphic composition to be applied on a ceramic surface, evidently allowing individual freedom of expression. As envisioned by Melis, the installation was interpreted in a number of ways, depending on the angle it was observed from as if it were a work of art. The interchanging perspective encouraged a further reflection on the encounter that an artificial approach has with nature.


Anita Shire

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